Join the Horde!

Joining the Thrift Store Horde is easy and you don't even need a credit card! That's right, we welcome anyone who is as excited about thrifting as we are and like sharing their finds with the world.

Your membership fee is simply giving Adam, Jason, and Kevin your feedback from each show and sharing Thrift Store Horde on social media. And if you want to join the show as the "4th host", show us your rare finds! Send pictures of your thrifting treasures to or tweet them to one of the hosts. We'll share your rare finds along with our reaction in a future episode of the show.

Support the Horde!

While joining the Thrift Store Horde is free to anyone who wants to claim us, we would also love your financial support in either of two ways.

First, buy some merch on TeePublic! You'll find t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, totes, and more with the Thrift Store Horde logo. Not only will you be showing off your Horde pride, but a small portion of every sale goes back the hosts so they can continue to spread the word.

Second, support The Retro Network on Patreon! As the host for Thrift Store Horde, Wax Pack Flashback and other YouTube content, The Retro Network features the best retro pop culture content on the web and your VIP pledge of $5 goes along way in offer support for annual costs and hosting fees. Plus, included with your pledge is access to The Retro Network VIP Lounge chat on the Slack app where you can interact directly with Adam, Jason, Kevin, and others from The Retro Network on a daily basis.