What is the Thrift Store Horde?

Adam, Kevin, and Jason at Retro Con 2021

Thrift Store Horde is a YouTube series created in 2021 by three friends and contributors to The Retro Network. Sharing thrift store shopping in common, the trio of hosts decided to chronicle their monthly thrift store finds together via reveal videos on the TRN TV YouTube channel. The show title is inspired by the "Evil Horde" that were the villains in the She-Ra: Princess of Power animated series. Horde is also a play on the word "Hoard" as the hosts could be deemed "hoarders" with their large collections.

Thrift Store Horde is now ended its second season as the three hosts make room for Season 3. They are located across the country and each have their own niche collection. Take a minute to meet them and see what they collect...

Adam Pope

Dead media? Not to Adam! His VHS collection numbers in the thousands with a specific niche for CBS Fox tapes. He owns several VCRs and a RCA Videodisc player for which he also collects discs. Beyond media, he also collects Wizard magazines, comics, action figures, trading cards, and board games.


Jason Gross

It's all about the '80s and '90s! Jason music collection is his largest with 45 records and cassette singles each numbering in the hundreds. He also scouts for LPs and CDs on occasion. Beyond the music, he collects G.I. Joe comic books, illustrated children's books, VHS tapes, Hot Wheels (particularly Batmobiles), and trading cards.


Kevin Decent

"The Masked Library" is full of rare books, comics, and collectibles. Among Kevin's favorite page-turners are horror novels, Wizard Magazines, classic collections, and whatever he can find on neighborhood curbs or in the dumpster behind the comic shop. Beyond books, he also collects action figures, VHS tapes, and music.